Exceptional steel products

wedge wire screens

Perfopol is a truly extraordinary brand that has been operating on the Polish market for many years. In our extremely wide range you will find many unique items, which can include mainly products such as wedge wire screens. Of course, these are not the only items available in our wide range, because we also produce other types of extremely useful steel products. In general, it is most important for our clients that we constantly monitor the quality of our services. Of course, we use the latest technologies not only in production, but also in company management. Thanks to this, our company that produces products such as wedge wire screens can grow dynamically and enjoy great trust from our clients, for whom we always try our best as much as we can. in our extremely wide range you will also find products such as specialist work clothes for modern industrial workers.

Nazwa: PPUH Perfopol Sp. z o.o.

Adres: Radomska 76 27-200 Starachowice

Adres www: http://www.perfopol.com/Wedge_wire_screens