The newly opened international school at the University of Lodz!
british international school

The British International School is a place where you can get a comprehensive education and above all, you can learn how to live in a global society. Undoubtedly, education in British international school facilitates fully equipped rooms and magnitude of teaching materials. It should also be noted that students feel safe, thanks to the cameras, that make this place a very bezpeczne. The high level of teaching and excellent results are the work of not only students but also teachers who are able to perfect and at the same time easy way to transfer knowledge. All these factors mean that it is a school for people who kept want to achieve something in life. Welcome, come and check it out!

Nazwa: British International School of the University of Łódź sp. z o.o.

Adres: Pomorska 161 90-236 Łódź

Adres www: